KG Section Activities : Arts and crafts, Role play & Dramatization, Exhibition, Story telling, Action Songs, Celebrating festivals, Cultural Programme, Sports: Indoor & Outdoor games

Primary Section Activities : Arts and crafts, Celebrating national and social festivals, Elocution, National science/Maths Olympiads, Quiz Programmes, Sports Day, Annual Day, Exhibition & Picnic

Academic Year 2017-18
Date Name of Activity
20/06/2017 Colouring event of Jr.KG and Sr.KG(20-06-2017)
21/06/2017 Yoga day celebration(21-06-2017)
21/06/2017 to 27/06/2017 Environment Week(21-06-2017 to 27-06-2017)
04/07/2017 Field Trip ofNursery
07/07/2017 Field trip of Jr.KG
06/07/2017 Field trip of Sr.KG
11/07/2017 Field trip of Sr.KG
15/07/2017 Teacher's Training Program
17/07/2017 Green day(Pre-primary section)
21/07/2017 Field trip of Jr.KG
22/07/2017 Grand parents day celebration
15/07/2017 TO 20/07/2017 English Conclave Week(15/07/2017 TO 20/07/2017)
29/07/2017 Geeta Championship workshop
31/07/2017 Fancy dress celebration
2/08/2017 Balloon day and friendship day celebration
4/08/2017 Rakhi celebration of nursery
4/08/2017 Rakhi celebration of 1 to 11
12/08/2017 Teacher's training report
12/08/2017 Independence day celebration
12/08/2017 Boogi Woogi report
31/08/2017 Muddy Suddy Day and Rainy Day

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