* Admission Process :
Personal interaction and observation with the child and parents.

The admission process comprises the following stages:

* Obtaining the Brochure and Application form for Admission from School.

* Submitting the duly completed application for Admission and supporting documents to School Office and paying the Registration Fee within specified period.

* Acceptance of admission by the parents and payment of applicable fees/charges/expenses.

* Confirmation of admission by School.


* Documents Required for Admission :

  • Filled Admission Form

  • Birth Certificate

  • Leaving Certificate ( Last School)

  • Result Sheet ( Previous Class)


    Rules & Regulations :

    * Students should follow the rules and maintain discipline in the school.
    * They should be neatly dressed in their proper school uniform, polished shoes and I-card.
    * 80 % attendance is compulsory to earn promotion to next higher class.
    * Parents and guardians are not allowed to visit their children/wards or teachers in the classroom during school hours.
    * The school authorities will not be held responsible for any injuries / mishap/accidents / illnesses / natural disasters beyond their
       control that might occur to the child in the school or during and excursion or outings organized by the school.
    * Children found to be undisciplined are counseled, detained after school hours, given extra written work, fined, suspended or removed
       from the school, depending upon the severity.
    * Fee once paid is not refundable, Fees is collected through quarterly cheques.
    * Management reserves the right to terminate child's admission if he/she or either of the parents misbehavior do not co-operate with
    * The parents are advised to inform the principal at the time of admission if your ward is suffering from any psychological problem or
       some other disease.
    * If every students must be in school five minutes before the first bell. If the students observed to be late, they are liable to be sent
       home, at the parent's own risk.
    * No child is permitted to leave the school premises during the recess, otherwise, except with the permission of the principal.
    * Always greet teachers, elders and friends in a pleasant voice, whenever they meet them, in school or outside.
    * Will not use ornaments or bring valuable to the school.
    * Suffering from any contagious or infectious disease will not be permitted to attend to the school.


    * Boys: Striped shirt, Blue pant, Belt, Blue striped socks, Black shoes
    * Girls: Striped shirt, Blue Skirt, Belt, Blue striped socks, Black shoes